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Buckle Sets

Choosing the Right Size Buckle: To ensure a perfect fit, it's essential to select the appropriate size of buckle for your belt. Each buckle we offer is specifically designed to match the width of the belt you desire. This ensures a seamless and cohesive look, where the buckle and belt complement each other flawlessly.

Custom Buckle Sizes and Tapering: As a custom shop, we have the capability to modify any belt to accommodate your choice of buckle size. If you prefer a specific buckle size that differs from the width of your desired belt, simply let us know. For example, if you desire a 1 1/2" belt but have a 1" buckle in mind, we can taper the belt at the buckle area to ensure a precise fit. This attention to detail ensures that your belt not only meets your style preferences but also fits securely and comfortably.

At Lone Tree Leather Works, we take pride in offering customizable buckle sets that allow you to create a belt that suits your unique taste and requirements. Choose from our exquisite selection of buckles and let us tailor your belt to perfection, ensuring an accessory that reflects your individuality and attention to detail.

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