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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the visitors who browse our website have questions. This is partly due to the nature of our business, but mostly due to the fact that there are so few leather crafters left who do what we do. 

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years...

1When can I expect my items to arrive?
Delivery times vary by item. Non customized/in stock items have an estimated delivery date of 3-5 business days once we receive your order. Merchendise and Clothing items usually ship within 2-7 business days. Lead times on custom belts vary by pattern, complexity, and how busy we are. We book orders on a "first come, first served basis" but a general rule of thumb is to plan on there being between sixty (60) and ninety (90) days between the time you place your order and the time you receive your belt. Estimated ship dates will be provided as part of your order confirmation email. In the event you need your belt sooner, please contact us regarding our expedited delivery option.
2Sizing Issues and Return Policy
Upon delivery of your custom belt you have three (3) days in which to contact us with any issues you might have. In the event that we can't come to an understanding, you have the option of requesting a partial (50%) refund. Please note that sizing issues, style choice, and buyer's remorse, DO NOT fall under this umbrella. In the event of a sizing issue, including but not limited to, width, length, thickness, etc. you have one of two options. Option #1 Request a refund equal to 50% of the amount you paid for your belt, plus shipping. Option #2 Have us rebuild the belt to the correct size for an additional 50% of the amount you paid, plus shipping. Sizing issues represent almost 80% of all the issues we encounter with custom work so we ask that you watch our sizing video, visit our sizing page, look at the various sizing and style diagrams we have provided, and measure VERY carefully.
3Why are your belts so expensive in comparison to other belts I see in retail stores?
The short answer is, you get what you pay for. The long answer is, most, if not all, of the belts you see in retail stores are low quality, roller stamped, mass produced belts that usually last around six to eight months, if you're lucky. Our belts are hand-tooled, one at a time, from the finest leather money can buy. They are unique to the individual. And with proper care, should last a very long time.
4I have an old buckle set that I'd like to use with my new belt. Is that possible?
Yes! You can either send us the buckle set to install for you, or, if you're afraid of it getting lost in the mail, email us pictures with measurements so that we can build your belt to accommodate it. (Please be sure to insure your buckle set in the event that it does get lost and/or damaged in transit)
5I use a regular style buckle currently, how do I measure for a Trophy Style buckle? (Or visa/versa)
The general rule of thumb when it comes to buckles is...Bigger Buckle=Shorter Belt, Smaller Buckle=Longer Belt So, for example, if you were wanting to use a Trophy Style buckle, and your current waist measurement with a tongue style buckle was 38", the measurement for your new belt would be 36 1/2" If you're wanting to use a smaller buckle, with your new belt, and your current waist measurement is 38" with a Trophy Style buckle, your new waist measurement would be 39 1/2"" 38" waist measurement (fold to center hole, with a regular buckle) SUBTRACT 1 1/2" to accommodate a Trophy Style buckle 38" waist measurement (fold to center hole, with a Trophy Style Buckle) ADD 1 1/2" to accommodate a regular style buckle (Please watch our sizing video before submitting your final measurements. And if you're worried about adjustment, we do offer the option of having 7 adjustment holes instead of 5. Simply make a note of this in the Special Comments Section of the order form)
6How many adjustment holes do you offer on your belts and how far apart are they?
The standard number of adjustment holes we offer is 5. And they are 3/4" of an inch apart. Which means you'll have an 1 1/2" of adjustment either way. You can also request that we punch an additional two holes, one to either side of the center hole, for a total of 7 holes, or 2 1/4" of adjustment either way.
7What is a keeper/Do belts come with keepers?
Keepers are little loops of leather that keep the tail of your belt flat against your body. They are not included but can be added to your order at checkout.
8Can my belt be buckstitched as well as lined and stitched?
Unfortunately not. You will need to choose one or the other.
9My husband/boyfriend wants one of your belts but I'm worried that a floral pattern will be too feminine.
One interesting, and in our opinion charming, aspect of Cowboy Culture, is that floral/feather patterned belts are not considered to be exclusively feminine. The historical cowboy has always honored/paid tribute to the beauty he encountered in life through his artwork. Typically in the form of roses, sunflowers, feathers, or any number of other natural phenomena he found to be beatiful.This was in sharp contrast to the brutal, violent and at times, truly ugly nature of a cowboy's existence. Without venturing too far into the psychological dichotomy of a cowboy's mental makeup, we think it's fair to say that a man wearing a floral patterned cowboy belt is traditionally not thought of as feminine. And if he's cowboy tough, he can wear just about whatever he wants and get away with it anyways.
10How far will you ship your belts/do you ship overseas?
We proudly ship to all 50 states in the US, Australia, and Canada. Exceptions can be made in the event you are an active member of the US Military serving overseas, or have a contact within the United States willing to ship the belt to you.

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