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Lone Tree Reviews

Just received two custom-made hand tooled leather belts from Lone Tree leather works They are the two most beautiful western style belts I have ever owned The craftsmanship on both belts is spectacular! Real genuine western-wear made in the USA! The belts arrived exactly as designed and look even better in hand than they do in the photos I could not recommend this outfit highly enough! Thank You to Lone Tree Leather Works for keeping alive the traditional real beautiful American made quality products!!


Lone Tree Leather was a shot in the dark for me, but I wanted an authentic tooled belt for an old sterling buckle set I had just purchased. I was impressed that they were a family business and the reviews I read were very genuine and sincere. I figured it might be worth a try. Their website was very informative and easy to navigate. When I finally reached out to them, they explained the process. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I just wasn’t sure they would be able to envision what I had in mind. We exchanged many emails and they offered guidance and suggestions... thank goodness I listened...What I was seeing in my mind, they were seeing on leather. My belt came today packed very tastefully in its velvet pull string pouch. I held it a long time in my lap going over every detail we had talked about. I was still worried it might not fit. Of course it did! Their vision, experience, craftsmanship and leadership, not to mention the beautiful artwork, are very impressive. They are, without a doubt, masters of their trade. This is my 70th birthday present to myself and it’s going to a hard one to top. Thank you Briggs family. This has been a Slice of Heaven!


Lone Tree Leather Works does absolutely beautiful work. I ordered a belt for my husband. He was part of the process as he wanted a particular pattern and color. I was wanting Conchos and thought one placement would be better than where Lone Tree was going to place them. Bethaney advised me of the typical placement and why it worked there. So glad I listened. She also helped me with the buckle and size that would work. When the belt arrived it was simply beautiful. The hand tooling is gorgeous and so detailed. The belt is not stiff as I feared it would be. My husband loves it! I was a little worried since it is a company I found on the Internet but this is a great company. You can trust their work and will not be sorry at all. Thank you Lone Tree for a belt that is going to last a very long time!


I have never met Bill or any of the Briggs family but that will change. Recently I ordered two belts from Bill. During the process, there was a death in their family and, even though my order was for two lousy belts, Bill kept me informed during the delay. Their customer service is only matched by their attention to detail. When my belts arrived, I don't know why but I was surprised by the presentation, each was shipped in its own small, velvet bag. Seems kind of hokey but they take such pride in their workmanship that it totally makes sense. I have never posted a review in my life but was compelled to in this case as this is a Montana-based small business from which many larger businesses could take a lesson. Bill and the Briggs family on how to run a business - fantastic customer service and the good ol' fashioned craftsmanship and attention to detail are often lost in our society of mass production - not the case here. Yes, they are expensive but if you are shopping for a hand-tooled leather belt, look no further than Bill Briggs and Lone Tree Leather Works. You will not be disappointed.

Kraig K.

My wife and I have purchased several belts from Lone Tree Leather Works - both for ourselves and for gifts. They will not disappoint! Lone Tree takes pride in their work and will make every effort to deliver the product that you envision. Great job!

Brent H.

If I could award ten stars it would not be enough for this absolutely stunning AUTHENTIC HAND-TOOLED BELT! Being a Bible-believing Christian I am not allowed to lie (or exaggerate!) so my words here are to be taken at face value! However, my once broad vocabulary cannot recall nearly enough adjectives to describe the beauty of the workmanship applied in producing this belt, so I'm going to have to be satisfied with these which I can recall: Elegant; Exquisite; Magnificent; Resplendent; Superb; Flawless; Perfect; Radiant and very important to me, a Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam); Masculine! Both my Daughter and eldest Granddaughter are Native Texans and wholeheartedly agree with this review. Having lived in Texas for 28 years we know the quality when we see it in the art of carving leather! I came to know John Briggs a couple of months ago through the Internet, and for a week or two we shared much dialogue, back and forth discussing many issues. John is a delightful young man who displays the confidence of one who was raised in a close familial environment; a young man who hunts, fishes, and enjoys every other outdoor activity in which one can participate! Another important attribute I quickly noticed in my two-week 'discussions' with John. At 79 years of age, I pay attention to good, old-fashioned manners and quickly discovered that John is also very respectful; something that seems to be quickly disappearing in this world of growing rage! It was my definite pleasure to have these 'talks' with John over the couple of weeks that it took me to choose my belt; the pattern of tooling, and the color, all of which John was quite helpful! This is definitely a close familial effort with each member participating in producing the final wondrous outcome, and I will wear it with pride knowing the effort and love of the craft which is so obvious! You cannot go wrong in choosing Lone Tree Leather Works for any of the products they offer for they are spectacular! God's Blessings to all! David O' (Radioman 1st Class U.S. Navy UDT, Retired)


STUNNED! I began this wonderful journey designing belts for myself and my professional dog trainer In honor of my dogs back to back runner up Championships at Nationals. Dozens of e mails and a Phone call. They spent so much personal time with me. They wanted to make sure it was right. I had searched and viewed every belt maker , but lone tree already had in place most of what I envisioned. They completely redesigned everything. Then sent me a sketch of the basic pattern and design. After a while a received 2 similar but very unique original art belts that have STUNNED everyone that has seen them. Beautiful beyond my dream. This is absolutely the best fitting and most comfortable belt I have ever worn. Dan Hoke of Dunfur Kennels hasn’t taken his off yet . He Wears it every day. I as well thought this would be a dress belt. But I wear mine everyday. This isn’t just because of the beautiful art, but the comfort . The art on the back is dubbed “ first bird on course” to depict a AKC or FDSB horse back field trial scene. Roland nailed it!! Again, I am STUNNED!!!


This family does a terrific job in leather works and customer service. The custom belt I ordered for my husband was beautiful and exactly what I had asked for. I highly recommend them!


Lone tree leather works is an amazing company. They keep you up to date from order to delivery and the leather craftsmanship really is second to none.


Can't say enough great things about this company! The product I received was exactly what I envisioned and the quality impeccable. True craftsmen!


Lots of quality leather products priced accordingly.


It is close to two years ago that I got a belt from Lone Tree. I love it and it comes out whenever I am going somewhere or dressing up. Belt was designed to accommodate larger buckles and just looks great. I get constant comments!!!


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When you do business with Lone Tree Leather Works, we believe each transaction is more than a one time thing. We get to know our customers as friends and family. We can't wait to see you again, and welcome to fam.


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